Friday, September 2, 2011

Looking back at BoHoL

We stayed at Bohol Beach Club during our 3 day stay in Bohol. I've won this 'prize' on the program we have in the office for ..hmmm.. never mind haha.. Anyway, this was supposed to be a Trip to Hongkong with two of my close friends (Ate Marie - my Ate Ninang) and Ate Hermie. Sad to say I was not able to join them on our Trip to Hongkong because of problems with my birth certificate and its too late for me to get a passport! To cut this story short, I was just given a domestic trip. They had me choose between Boracay, Palawan, Davao, Cebu and Bohol. I picked this one among the rest and the trip is good for two persons with allowance! One of my best travel experience ever (because all is paid LOL!)!

We get to stay at Bohol Beach Club, with complimentary breakfast inlcuded, photogenic scenery, white sand same with Boracay but the sands are not very refined. Water is more clear and clean in Bora! There's alot of activities and places to visit and 3 days is not enough to explore the island and the places with it. My favorite pic!

Here's our itinerary.
Day 1 - Whole day stay at Club
We arrived at around 9 AM at the hotel. We were still waiting for the room to be cleaned up but supposed stay is still at 2PM. They would let you use the room ahead of time if it's vacated early. Here's the view from their lounge:

We rested for awhile since we were up as early as 3:00AM for the flight! I think they booked us the earliest flight for domestic which was 5:30 AM so you need to be at the airport at least 45 minutes earlier. Since our itinerary starts the following day, we take advantage of the beach and their swimming pool.

The resort has 3 swimming pools that are located within the resorts Amihan and Habagat Wing.  
Their airconditioned standard room inlcudes two twin beds, cable TV, bathroom.
Sorry its a bit messy in here. You can simply leave your things unattended and they will clean it up later.
This is where we stayed. See the two story house behind me. Yes it is!

The shore is a picture of serenity. The front beach is well maintanied by the staff of the resort.
There's a lot of starfishes in the shore ^_^ I tried to store 3 of these lil creatures for pasalubong but they were eventually crushed as they were so soft :(.. They smelled very salty LOL!
The weather is hot!Perfect for swimming. Just notice that the place is not jampacked with vacationers like us. Bohol Beach Club is huge actually.

Second Day

We wake up early morning for our Bohol Trip Itinerary. My friend Chona recommended his uncle to me to be our driver and tour guide.
Our sumptous buffet breakfast. Mostly Filipino dishes.
We hired our friend's uncle to lead the day tour on Bohol. We paid him 2,500 pesos for the whole day trip.
Our First Stop.
The historic Sandugo (Blood Compact) Commemorative Shrine
The Centuries-old Baclayon Church & Museum
Tarsier Watch (the smallest primate in the world)
Hanging bridge. I'm actually nervous on this pic, I fear its height!
neverending steps
The famous 'Chocolate Hills' and our priceless, effortless photo 'jump' shoot!
Loboc River Cruise with native buffet lunch on board
Sleeping Pyton. He's full he just ate a live chicken haha!

Day Three
We explored Bohol Beach Club resort on our last stay. The resort is huge with function rooms, swimming pools and facilities.
Their mini forest.
Our 30 minute complimentary glass boat ride.

thanks for the camera's timer!

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