Sunday, January 16, 2011

mY bEsTfRiEnD's WeDdiNg

My bestfriend, Jolet (since gradeschool days) and her fiancee Nick, decided to spent their wedding here in the Philippines, where else but on the most popular white sand beach in Boracay! Let me take you to the places, lets go!

Day 1
We stayed at Milflores de Boracay. Affordable, cozy, neat place almost like 5 minutes to the beach front in Station 1. The accomodation includes buffet breakfast for two, the usual welcome drinks, free Wifi, friendly staff.

The first day we were not able to fully explore the beach because our flight then was a lil late then and at night we practice the wedding ceremony the following day. I was glad to be back on Bora, not just to spend weekend getaway there but to attend the precious celebration for my bestfriend. Bonding with girlfriends is a bonus, too! Not to forget I'm with my Marlon as well, its our first out of trip as a hubby and wifey!

With girlfriends, Jolet, Calen and Ems

Day 2

We started the day early for the wedding preps. I know Jolet was not able to sleep because of excitement haha!! Such a busy day but it's all worth it. The weather shows a bit of weird but knowing Bora you just cannot predict the weather. All is well that ends well.

Mr and Mrs. Dulin with their vows. Jolet's father, Tito Jennys, was the Pastor.

Day 3